cijaye depradine

Cijaye Creative (based in Vancouver B.C, Canada), founded by training professional / marketing expert Cijaye DePradine,  has evolved from being a full service Marketing boutique (focusing on Integrated Branding Offline and Online — with emphasis on SEO and PPC branding) to specializing in the design, delivery and promotion of online marketing education {e-learning} and training that impacts human behavior. 

This includes psychology related subject matter such as  consumer behavior marketing,  direct response and educational copywriting, sales training,  instructional design thinking / strategy of adult education (learning behavior) and similar.  

Being fortunate enough to work in each field separately AND combine the two together throughout her career, Cijaye has become one of Vancouver British Columbia’s leading experts in Marketing Education.  If it impacts, facilitates change in or advances human behavior – Cijaye is all over it! She has always been fascinated by the psychology of mind and has been able to leverage this intrigue to generate high training and marketing success rates / ROI.

What do you get when you hire Cijaye? You hire an expert that can:

  • Help you connect better with your audience.
  • Help you explore and tap into the REAL / HIDDEN desires of your audience.
  • Help you create exceptional  education & training programs (online or offline)
  • Help you promote education & training programs (online or offline).
  • & SCALE education and training (up or down) to meet your organization needs.


Need proof of Cijaye’s value? She has been the face behind a number of successful courses online and offline AND she has developed AND delivered well over 15,000 hours of training from the conference room or stage to virtual classrooms and the web. With 85 of her own proprietary courses developed since 2012, Cijaye is Often voted “best speaker”, “best teacher”, “best trainer” and frequently  Top Sales Performer Cijaye has proven herself to be an asset to every organization she’s worked with, including:


Always yearning to learn more, do more and appreciate more, Cijaye’s outlook keeps her at the cutting edge of human behavior intelligence and innovation, but at the perfecting stages as well.

Cijaye’s core values / drivers are:

  1. A “people first” mindset
  2. The desire to “make things better
  3. A dedication to research and planning
  4. A commitment to  always be learning
  5. The insight to make well founded decisions
  6. The strength to embrace change
  7. The passion to pursue greatness
  8. The motivation to show people the magic 
  9. The ability to inspire greatness in others
  10. & Unwavering integrity  


To hire Cijaye today, please call 778-938-3673