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When it comes to Internet marketing, there is a LOT you need to know in order to make sure your efforts are getting the great results you want. However, as a busy business owner, you don’t always have the time to do the in-depth research that’s necessary to run successful campaigns across all channels… SEO, [...]


Website Conversion / SEO / PPC Services Vancouver BC Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization involves so much more than just getting traffic! A properly designed and executed SEO plan includes what is on page, what is off page and how users are able to navigate through it all. A few key factors that dictate success in this area are keyword research, website strategy, content strategy, landing [...]


Pay Per Click / PPC Services Vancouver BC  Pay Per Click Advertising Services

PPC is a great way to bring high volumes of instant traffic to your website. But did you know it can also provide outstanding intelligence about your market — as well as your on-site conversions? Here at Cijaye Creative, our number one goal is to ensure that you are maximizing your PPC campaigns and collecting [...]


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