cijaye depradine Cijaye Creative (based in Vancouver B.C, Canada), was originally founded (in 2003) by training professional / marketing expert Cijaye DePradine. Over time, Cijaye Creative had evolved from being a full service Marketing boutique (focusing on Integrated Branding offline and online with a team of 20-40 creatives) to being a consultancy and launch pad for Cijaye DePradine to provide specialized services in the design, delivery and promotion of online marketing education {e-learning} and training to organizations (or owners).

This often resulted in Cijaye switching gears from being an entrepreneur, to being an employee (and sometimes back again). In doing so Cijaye has discovered that it is better (as a leader / trainer) to be a part of the team you are trying to transform, than to be an outsider. For this reason (quite unlike most “entrepreneur types”) Cijaye she has adopted the skills and mindset to play both roles (entrepreneur and employee) as they are meant to be played.

As an entrepreneur, she is self motivated and driven by results; and she DOES get results!  As an employee, however,  she is still driven by results, but is also motivated by the incredible wealth of knowledge and collaborative experience found among those she works with.

Regardless of her contract with an organization, Cijaye respects the organizational hierarchy, culture, proprietary intelligence and most of all the  expectations of “team building”.  If employed by an organization, she arrives on time every day, clocks in an out like everyone else (despite being a workaholic) and does not overstep, nor impose her own ideals unless asked.  She can lead or follow, without issue.  


She truly is a rare hire among many potential candidates.

Being a self starter, team builder and corporate lead with extensive skills in marketing, education and technology thereof , Cijaye has often been hired on or promoted to pioneer new initiatives for organizations.  

These have included the rollout and training of new technologies; development or redevelopment of corporate training programs (and training aids); development of new higher ed programs / courses and curriculum thereof as well as many educational workshops, presentations and keynotes.

She considers herself an eLearning / Instructional Design expert, with specialties in Target Marketing, Marketing Communications (including content writing, SEO and PPC) and Marketing Software – but has never truly been tied to one label to identify her.

She likes to learn and evolve. She thrives on upskilling. She enjoys being highly capable at many things and isn’t afraid of change.

It is her belief that all employees and entrepreneurs should be this way.


Having worked in each field separately AND combine them together throughout her career, Cijaye has become one of Vancouver British Columbia’s leading experts in Marketing Education.  If it impacts, facilitates change in or advances the mindset of tomorrows leaders  – Cijaye is all over it!

What makes Cijaye different from many Marketing Experts, Trainers, Instructional Designers etc. is that she has always been fascinated by the psychology of mind / human behavior. 

This is why she has attracted many thought leaders in the personal development fields and many organizations that believe in a holistic approach to education (teaching individuals from the inside out).

In her spare time, you will find Cijaye reading, watching, listening to and even writing about a variety of topics from business to personal development as well as neuroscience and quantum consciousness.

She frequently studies emerging tech and is fascinated by interactive media (such as smart gadgets / Internet of things, gamified applications / software, virtual reality, nano technology etc).

Her deep fascination for the INNER WORKINGS of everything and everyone has allowed her to generate excellent success rates / ROI in all that she’s done.


She is ready for the
next big chapter in her professional life.


What do you get when you hire Cijaye?

You hire an expert that can:

  • Help you understand your internal and external audiences better; creating greater meaning and impact (let alone results) in all you develop / distribute. She brings organizations and their people closer together.
  • Help you create exceptional  education & training programs (online or offline)
  • Help you promote education & training programs (online or offline).
  • & SCALE education and training (up or down) to meet your organization needs.

Need proof of Cijaye’s value?


She has been the face behind a number of successful courses online and offline AND she has developed AND delivered well over 15,000 hours of training from the conference room or stage to virtual classrooms and the web. With 85 of her own proprietary courses (equal to 1000 hours of curriculum to deliver), Cijaye is often voted “best speaker”, “best teacher”, “best trainer” and frequently  Top Sales Performer.

Cijaye has proven herself to be an asset to every organization she’s worked with, including:


Always yearning to learn more, do more and appreciate more, Cijaye’s outlook keeps her at the cutting edge of her fields and innovations thereof.

Cijaye’s core values / drivers are:

  1. A “people first” mindset
  2. The desire to “make things better
  3. A dedication to research and planning
  4. A commitment to  always be learning
  5. The insight to make well founded decisions
  6. The strength to embrace change
  7. The passion to pursue greatness
  8. The motivation to show people the magic 
  9. The ability to inspire greatness in others
  10. & Unwavering integrity  

To view Cijaye’s work history please visit her LinkedIn Marketing Education profile. 

To hire Cijaye today, please call 778-938-3673